October 10 Show — The Story of John Titor

The Oct. 10 segment of The Art of Dreaming will consider the myth and back story of John Titor, who appeared on message boards in the 1990s claiming to be a time traveler from 2036, seeking an obscure old computer part. Easy to laugh off, but many things Titor predicted did indeed come to pass, even today. There are new updates about Titor, even sightings of his continued time travel and the paradox of his meeting his younger self; we will discuss that, as well as the concept of time travel. in literature, film and practical science.

July 25 Show … Time Travel and the JFK Assassination

For the Wednesday, July show, we will talk to L.D.C. Fitzgerald, the pen name for a husband-and-wife writing team, about their novel Destination Dealey, a fast-paced, entertaining and insightful fictional account that asks: Would the future of the USA, and world, be worse had Kennedy not been assassinated?

July 25, Wednesday

8-10 PM Eastern, 5-7 PM Pacific

Revolution Radio @ Freedomslips.com

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