June 6 Broadcast An Essay on Drake: Is He the Real Deal or a Big Ol’ Fake?


June 6, 2012 Show — The Heather Material and Project Phoenix

There will be no scheduled guest for the Art of Dreaming,  June 6. One show a month, host Michael Hemmingson will rant, monologue, talk about the news, the media, the world, and UFOs.  For this show, Hemmingson will devote most the time to a document called “The Heather Material,” a supposed confession of an insider witness to the cloning program of super soldiers in connection with Merk, the NSA and reptilian aliens, Project Phoenix and Project Ember: This involved taking a human subject and augmenting his body to the point of mutilation, it was a sister program to Project Talent.

In keeping to the show’s name, Hemmingson will also read his science-fiction short story, “The Dreamer,” included in his forthcoming collection, The Chronotope, from Wildside Press.