Alien Typology with Bernie Mendez


June 6, 2012 Show — The Heather Material and Project Phoenix

There will be no scheduled guest for the Art of Dreaming,  June 6. One show a month, host Michael Hemmingson will rant, monologue, talk about the news, the media, the world, and UFOs.  For this show, Hemmingson will devote most the time to a document called “The Heather Material,” a supposed confession of an insider witness to the cloning program of super soldiers in connection with Merk, the NSA and reptilian aliens, Project Phoenix and Project Ember: This involved taking a human subject and augmenting his body to the point of mutilation, it was a sister program to Project Talent.

In keeping to the show’s name, Hemmingson will also read his science-fiction short story, “The Dreamer,” included in his forthcoming collection, The Chronotope, from Wildside Press.

Hemmingson does “By Proxy” for Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot

Michael Hemmingson filled in by proxy for Kerry Cassidy’s show on Revolution Radio, Friday, May 25, 2012, with a second inteview with Anya Briggs.