June 6 Broadcast An Essay on Drake: Is He the Real Deal or a Big Ol’ Fake?


June 6, 2012 Show — The Heather Material and Project Phoenix

There will be no scheduled guest for the Art of Dreaming,  June 6. One show a month, host Michael Hemmingson will rant, monologue, talk about the news, the media, the world, and UFOs.  For this show, Hemmingson will devote most the time to a document called “The Heather Material,” a supposed confession of an insider witness to the cloning program of super soldiers in connection with Merk, the NSA and reptilian aliens, Project Phoenix and Project Ember: This involved taking a human subject and augmenting his body to the point of mutilation, it was a sister program to Project Talent.

In keeping to the show’s name, Hemmingson will also read his science-fiction short story, “The Dreamer,” included in his forthcoming collection, The Chronotope, from Wildside Press.

Marilyn Jaye Lewis Will Be the Guest on May 30

This coming Wednesday, May 30, The Art of Dreaming presents author and editor Marilyn Jaye Lewis. We will be discussing the writerly life, the publishing industry, trends in romantic and erotic fiction, historical and literary works, the novel vs. the short story, and the art of editing anthologies.

When: Wednesday, May 30, 8-10 PM Eastern, 5-7  PM Pacific

Where: Revolution Radio.

See a list of her books.

See her reading from her novel Freak Parade:

Hemmingson does “By Proxy” for Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot

Michael Hemmingson filled in by proxy for Kerry Cassidy’s show on Revolution Radio, Friday, May 25, 2012, with a second inteview with Anya Briggs.

May 23, 2012 Show — Interviews with HiJacker and Mark James

First hour, I talk to a man only known as “HiJacker” about his political persecutions and drama; in the second hour, I interview abstract photographer and poet Mark James about his work and the Bluesgrass Arts Experience @Churchill Downsl in Louisvlle, KY, this Memorial Day Weekend.

Mark James on the Second Hour, May 23, 2012

Fascinating and iconoclastic photographer Mark James will be my interview guest in the second hour of The Art of Dreaming, Wednesday, May 23.  He will discuss his background, the arts festival in Louisville, KY, and the motivation for his photography projects. Certain to be informative and provocative — as always, The Art of Dreaming tickles you in many ways too illustrative to put into words!

Come listen at Revolution Radio. In the first hour, I will discuss events in Chicago, the latest Obama, and the latest in the coming war, and the prediction by some that Jesus returns on May 27.